> but the best way to build a network is to start a project that’s too big for you.

This is a very good line. I'm a codefriend, so I tend to compulsively try to solo massive, incredibly useful projects rather than ask for help, as it's part of our culture to be that way. Probably a broader issue on the right - we have a strong impulse to avoid being burdensome, and a very strong sense of professional pride (almost every rightist is at least well above-average in at least one trade).

With the nuking of online spaces where coordination was cheap and easy, people will have to learn to open up about what they need from people, and what they're trying to do.

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Being a small business owner, (a legit business, not MMM), seems to be the fastest way to build a network. Upon opening my brokerage, I felt like I entered an underground economy. People come out of the woodwork with needs and expertise I didn't know they had. I help other business owners and they help me.

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Feb 15, 2023Liked by Bennett's Demilich

I'm doing exactly this. I've been kinda amazed how it's beginning to work. Finally starting the project that I've been negletcting because it IS too big for me has been a kind of renewal of meaning in my life. I've been seeing more people on here (including myself) that are really trying to start something new. In spite of all the negative opinions of the future many seem to like to shout into the internet there is also this emerging "Lets build a new table" initiative I see that directly puts up the middle finger to modern nihlism and this growing sentiment of "everything is over lets just wait pateinetly for death" that I also see. The future belongs to those who are willing to imagine it and build it. Thank you for posting this article.

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