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EXIT Podcast #42: Clay Martin

EXIT Podcast #42: Clay Martin

My conversation with Clay Martin — Green Beret, preparedness expert, and author of Concrete Jungle, Prairie Fire, Last Son of the War God, and Wrath of the Wendigo.

We discuss how to network and prepare without getting Waco'd, how to teach boys what they need to know without getting sued, who you need to know in your local area, and how to be useful in an emergency when you're not a leg-breaker.

Power is always a question of who you know — an extended emergency situation just changes which skills and connections are most valuable. At EXIT, you can find experienced entrepreneurs to help you launch an ecommerce business, or a SOF veteran to teach you how to shoot straight and secure your home. You can learn from experienced crypto developers and investors, or get help planting potatoes and raising chickens. Join us at exitgroup.us.